Tony Grimes

RESTful developer, Beltline scenester, aspiring elder.

Calgary Faves

Calgary to Love

Don't live in Calgary? I have a sweet AirBnB.

Tubbycade Poster


High Score glory. Tubby Dog Thursdays.

How to Hire Me

I have a wide and varied skill set. My time is limited but flexible.

RESTful Development

All enquiries for software services should be directed to my consulting company. We've got a great crew.

Product Protoypes

I like building things. If I can't do it, I'll refer you to someone who can. I prefer retainers to hourly work.

Public Speaking

I talk a lot about a lot of stuff: technology; community; worms. I'll probably speak next at Pixels and Pints.

Public Email:

I receive an insane amount of email and I prioritize for clients and family. I apologize in advance if I'm not responsive. For best results try finding me in real life (I'm not hard to find).

Or stalk me on: